It’s So Good To Be Alive

Today, I felt like I valued my life.

Not only because I finished watching the controversial Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, but because from morning til night, I know I did something good for myself today. Here’s how it went:

7AM. Woke up on the right side of the bed.

7:30AM. I got a free ride to the office. Yay

9AM. I was first person to transact in the bank. I deposited my savings. I’m happy and surprised to know that I was able to save a lot in the past month!

10AM-12NN. Met and evaluated my former interns.

12NN. Free lunch in the office!

1PM-4PM. Finished tasks at work. Downloaded FREE readings from ongoing Digital Marketing conference.

4PM. Productive meeting with Ideas Positive team.

6PM. Going home. Walked instead of riding the tricycle! Thanks to MutyaPH.

7PM. Arrived home.

7:30PM. Free dinner at home!

8PM-9PM. Social media time. Convincing myself to run. Downloaded the Nike+ Run Club App.

9PM. Started my first official run. Yay. Just a 10-min run around our village. People were like, “why run at night?”


10PM. Changed clothes. Lay in bed. Write.

Wow. I saved, worked, learned, ran, and wrote today! All because I wanted to do something else. Something worthwhile when I’m not in the office. Also, because I saw Raymond Gutierrez’ transformation. Wow.

The Nike app says tomorrow is rest day! So I’ll just be watching out my diet!

Yay for #HolisticHealth. Thank God for my body and for my life.



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