Hands down, Gandhi


Recent events made me remember a rap song from high school, entitled Hands Down, Gandhi. It’s a remix of Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional, and Slow Down, Gandhi by Sage Francis.

For me it’s a song about standing up amid the abuse of authority of people in power. This is one of the things I will forever uphold. I remember standing by my colleagues to fight for our rights to have insurance and healthcare coverage in my previous job. They listened to us, but they didn’t understand. I, together with my colleagues, resigned because they were stepping on our rights. It was a violation of our humanity, and I will never let that pass. Ever.

Last Friday, I saw one of the dirtiest, most horrifying incidents I’ve ever witnessed in my life. It was the committal of a crime that was so gross I can’t even start describing it here. Let’s just say I saw first-hand a crime. It was committed in front of me, and I have witnesses. The primary witness is no other than my father. The very person who taught me what is wrong and what is right.

The crime was so deliberate and inhumane that I swear to spend the rest of my life ensuring that the suspects be put into jail. What I saw was unforgivable, unforgettable, and unacceptable. It was the wrongest of wrongs, worst of the worsts, and it makes me cringe to remember that the suspect committed his crime, his dirty act, his inhumanity in front of the person who brought me to life.

The Philippines is again suffering from an incurable disease; one that is worse than cancer. Unlike the cancer cells that slowly creep in, this country’s disease starts from the brain and spreads fast that it affects and kills even the smallest, healthiest cells in the body. Nothing can cure this disease but brain transplant, which seems too expensive and life-threatening at the moment.

But the least that I can do is to stand up for what I believe in, uphold integrity and honesty in the smallest of things, and spend my life doing only the right thing; never succumbing to what is easy, what is convenient, and what is evil. After all, the good and the truth will always prevail, said my father.

“It’s time to call a stop
To the abuse of authority
The truth keeps calling me
and I’mma live to tell the story.”




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