The Sunday Currently

I love this. Watch it here.
I’m spending my Sunday at home and in front of my laptop. I’m trying to fix my online life, and here I am, browsing through my blog followers’ blogs. I stumbled upon Jhanelle Vitug’s blog, and thought of writing my own The Sunday Currently entry. So here’s mine:


Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. Halfway through it and overwhelmed that I’m learning a lot about the wonders of vulnerability.


Homework and reflections for my online course, “Social Media for Social Innovation,” at Universidad para la Paz (University for Peace).


To my Spotify playlist, with songs by Ed Sheeran, Franco, The Ransom Collective, and Coldplay.


Of my next move. To paint or to go to the salon or to hear mass. But yeah, I’m here, typing this blog. Such a P.


Beef noodles cooked by my sister.


For peace and contentment.


To have another great week at work and in life. Lol.


A dri-fit top and comfortable shorts.


That I am able to do these things again. Last night, I was at Conspiracy Bar with my two friends, and we had a blast watching Juan Miguel Severo and Bullet Dumas do their thing. Last week, I watched Franco live. So much time in my hands.


To climb a mountain or two. Or three. Soon.


To talk to someone who will understand, and not judge.


Brave. Yet something’s missing.

That’s all from my end. Happy Sunday, everyone! 🙂


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