J. Santiago

I wrote this last May 24, but the internet did not cooperate so I wasn’t able to post it. Remembered about this today, as my colleague Aidz turned over her files. She’s resigned and her last day is tomorrow. Aidz inspired me to get back to drawing again. She gave me the oil paints and brushes that her ex gave her. Thank you, Aidz! 🙂

More than a week ago, I completed my 3-day workshop at the UP College of Fine Arts. It’s a dream come true to me. I painted a bouquet of flowers that Kevin gave me using oil as medium. That was after our professor rejected the painting references that I prepared. He told me I should paint an original work. So I crammed a nice photo from my phone’s gallery.



I loved every second that I was painting. From buying the materials in Deovir, placing them strategically on my desk, getting dirty with paints, becoming smelly due to the oil, standing up for eight hours for two consecutive days… I love painting. Thank God for the opportunity. Thanks to Kevin for paying for my tuition fee. Thanks to Sir Jamel Obnamia for being a patient, cool, and awesome teacher. Thanks to Aidz for inspiring me. Thanks to my dad for passing on the genes.

I just want to put this here: I will be having my first painting exhibit in 2017. This is a dream that I’m working on to come true. Please come. Buy some. Thank you and you’re welcome!

J. Santiago, artist and dreamer


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