An Open Letter to You

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This has been running in my head for months now.

It’s a pity that through social media, we choose to waste our time checking out how people spend theirs.

Is it really necessary for us to be updated of everything about everyone, and anything about anyone? Or we just need that verification that, hell yeah, our lives are better than others.

Sometimes I wonder what Facebook is really doing to us. I had the chance to live in those days when you can only know updates about your friend when you meet personally, call them on the phone, or text them with your limited load credits.

Although it was tough, at that time, it was enough.

Why do we post things that don’t matter to others? Or do we even think that whatever we post matters?

As a social media specialist, I’m just worried how some people are posting their perfect lives only to be seen by people who are scrambling to get through with theirs.

Let’s be careful with the private moments that we share to the world online. They’re good to know, but let’s keep it to ourselves. You know what I mean.


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