The First Monday of 2016

“Guide me today O Lord, and all the days of my life.”

Today started out with a brave heart and a surrendering prayer. I thought that I woke up extra early today, until I saw the traffic’s already building up outside our subdivision.

There were remains of what seemed to be a very merry Christmas — the lights of a Belen in one corner still were all lit up.

The sun is not yet up, and everyone seems to be dragging their feet from the comforts of their bed, pockets emptied, just like me.

Not until I saw the queue at the FX terminal.

“Oh my God.”

Everyone seems to be fulfilling the day 1 (forrealz) of their New Year’s resolution to go to work earlier.

Thank God I was able to ride an FX in a heartbeat. I plucked a crispy 20 peso bill from my wallet — yep, straight from a very Merry Christmas.

Whatever happened to the Christmas spirit that used to keep us all alive? Where did our 13th month and bonuses go? Surely, everything just passes.

It is indeed the Monday after the holidays. Dreaded, but otherwise, anticipated by all. This, too, shall pass.

Lord, guide me today and all the days of my life. I need an extra boost from you today.

I want 2016 to be a greater year, and it officially starts today.

When you see it… (Photo not related, but better than no photo at all)



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