On Getting Married

“Kelan ka na ikakasal?” (When will you get married?)

If I’ll be given a peso for every time someone asks me this question, I’ll be a business tycoon in five years.

“Wala pang date eh,” (There’s no date yet) has been my instant reply. And I can’t explain further the reason why.

You see, I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend Kevin for almost six years now, and I can’t blame if people are becoming impatient on when we’ll be tying the knot. In the words of my dearest Lola, “nasa edad na kayo. Pwede na.” (You’re both at the right age. You can already get married). Well if you guys can’t wait, imagine how I feel. Haha.

Getting married, these days, is something ‘cool.’ Especially when you have photos or videos of your engagement and you post it on Facebook. “Oh my gosh, ikakasal na si ___,” (Oh my gosh, ___ is getting married!) has also been my instant reaction when I see selfies of girls with diamond rings. I always catch myself wondering when it will be my turn.

So why am I not getting married yet, you ask. If you think you’ll know the answer by reading this article, then I’m sorry to disappoint. I have no concrete answer, aside from “2 to 3 years from now. We’re still saving up for our future.”

I remember my conversation with my former OJT Bianca a few days ago. She asked me the same damn question and my answer was “May Google docs na, pero wala pa sa Google Calendar.” (We already have a Google document on it, but it is not yet in our Google calendar). Haha. Yes, we’ve answered the who’s, where’s, what’s, how’s, but we have yet to answer the when. More importantly, the why.

Why do we have to get married, seriously? We are in love, and we know and feel that. We can live together and act like we are already married and no one would ask if we have the same surname. What do married people do that non-married couples do? I’ll leave that for you to think about.

Yes, I want to get married, but not just yet. I always thought that maybe we’re not yet married because my boyfriend is not yet ready to get stuck with me. I realized, maybe I’m the one who’s not ready for it. Getting married is a step closer to making a family. And at 25, I may be excited to see how my future kids would look like (2 boys and a girl) but I don’t think I’m ready to stay at home the whole day to take care of them. I’m still a little clumsy, forgetful, and lazy. I’m not yet a mommy-material, I think.

Although I know that one will never be a mommy-material until one becomes really a mom, so as being a wife. But no, not yet. I want to be ready for them, and for him. I can’t starve them if I get too lazy to cook, and I can’t afford to leave the house dirty.

But earlier, I watched Kevin play basketball. His jersey reads “Aladin 36.” This thought came to me and I smiled, “Judy Marie Santiago-Aladin.”

Oh, God. I want to get married.

To this guy,
To this guy,

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