This City

This city

It’s been six years without you.

Yet when I’m here in this city where we spent all those years together

I look for you.

I search for you

Like a student who wants to have a glimpse of her crush.

I expect you

To be among the crowd I am in.

I wait for your eyes

To catch me looking for you.

I have moved on.

I have lived years and years without you.

I have loved someone else, someone better than you.

But why do I feel this way today

And yesterday

The other week

And the other year?

What we shared was special.

We had a story that was built on puppy love.

We were all after knowing what love is;

And what it can do.

You were my first and you thought I was your last.

We’re two different people, but we tried.

We held hands like the world is against us.

Because, yes, it was.

We loved each other, that’s for sure.

It’s just that our time was up.

I loved someone else while you were out there —

Thinking of different ways to show your love for me.

We cheated on each other, that’s a fact.

I held on to you, despite.

So when I told you I’m in love with someone new,

You told me you love me, but you can let me go.

I can still remember your face on that very night

How I tried to make it look like you’re the one who screwed up

I told you to set me free, since you’ve cheated on me many times

But you set me free because you wanted me to be happy.

I’m happy with where I am right now

And I thank you for that.

My heart got broken maybe a few times since then

But that would never compare to what you did for me

You let me break your heart to make mine whole.

I broke your heart, I know I did.

You tried to win me back, but I declined.

You are now with someone new, and you are happy too.

And I am sincerely, genuinely happy for you.

But every time I go back to this city

Where we spent all our days together I can’t help it —

I look for you.

I want to see how you’ve been without me.

We filled this town with dreams and memories

I’ve forgotten most of them, but this place reminds me

This city reminds me of the love we had.

This city reminds me, what we could have been.

It’s been six years.

They say time heals everything.

I’m afraid that when time heals all our wounds,

My heart would long for you again.




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