On Going “Viral”

This was how my blog post, Date a girl who rides the MRT daily, went “viral.”

It all started with a three-sentence Facebook post

20150520 Day 1.

The “hugot” of this status was my 2-hour ordeal in MRT Ayala just to be able to ride a train.

I continued the next lines when I arrived home. In the CR.

20150520 Day 1. Notes

Two days after, I revisited the text and made some revisions. Thus, the blog post.

20150522 Day 3. Blog post.

On the first night, my post received a few ‘Likes’ and only 23 views. Thanks, friends.

May 22

The next day, I felt dissatisfied with the stats. I had to share it again on Facebook, thinking  “baka tulog lang yung mga friends ko at hindi nila nabasa kagabi.”

May 23

6 likes. Hmm. Wala talaga.

That was when I shared it to blogger groups. I also emailed WhenInManila.com, applying to be a contributor, and putting the link to this post as my sample work. No reply.

I also emailed Rappler.com, asking if they can feature my article. But I didn’t expect that they will reply.

After a few hours, I got a notification from WordPress.


So I checked my stats.

May 23 stats

1,000 views. Whoa. So I checked if Rappler or WhenInManila published my post. Nope, they didn’t.

The bloggers from the Facebook groups made it. Pero wala namang ni isang like yung post ko sa groups.

But yes, they did. And that was when my post started to go “viral.”

Friends started sharing the link



More so when I received this in my email.

Short Film


Then I saw my stats blow up

May 24

And WordPress was like,


And I was like, WTF IS HAPPENING.

That night, I slept and didn’t know people were reading and sharing my blog. I woke up to 8,800 views for May 24. WHOA.

The next day, I kept receiving comments on my blog and I replied to every single comment because I WAS OVERWHELMED.

I went to the office (via the MRT, of course), and I was wondering, again, WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON.

People were like,


And others were like,


And I was like, WHOA.

So much more when I received an email from Rappler.

Rappler_Email WHOA. WHOA. WHOA.

The same day, I received a private message from GMA News Online.


And after a few minutes…

Date a girl

In the words of my office mate, my blog was “officially published online.”

My blog was the first-ever feature in GMA News Online’s #HugotChronicles.

Hugot Chronicles

Then my Facebook news feed exploded with “Congrats!” and “Ikaw na, Judy!”


I still can’t believe it.

And then there were critics. Haha.

As one of my college batchmates puts it, “that’s part of the stardom.”  LOL.

I was about to reply to one of the “haters,” when my officemate-slash-Siiiztra stopped me.


One guy said my article was


A woman replied,


And another guy said it perfectly,



Since then, I was convinced that I don’t need to reply to the people who cannot understand.

To date, the GMA News post has 2,789 likes, 86 comments, and 299 shares.

Moving forward, the next day, I was in the office CR when I received this message from a friend.


Initial reaction: BAT FEZ KO YUNG LINK IMAGE.

Mukha tuloy ako yung nagpapa-date. Haha.

When I got back to my desk, I saw it.


That’s me. On Rappler. My face was, again, “officially published online.”

Of course, there were bashers again!

A guy named Noel said, “So I guess Rappler is implying that girls who drink coffee from Starbucks, displays some kind of vulnerability and weakness?”

And I was like, whaaat?!

To date, the Rappler post has 8,130 likes, 1,528 shares, and 527 comments.

In the words of my office mate, “mas pinag-uusapan ka pa kesa sa news sa South Korea!”

My blog post was the top story for ISpeak on that day.


The two websites received all the site traffic that my blog was supposed to be getting. But that’s okay. Part of the stardom, sabi nga nila. 

Then I was surprised when my friends tagged me in a photo:


And I was like, “LANG LEAV LEVELS.” Haha.

GMA News quoted me. Whoa.

And another one.



I didn’t know what could happen next.

The next day, my blog’s stats dipped. I received only a few comments on my original post.

I checked Twitter, and was surprised to see that people are tweeting about it too.

Then I saw this.

Maria Ressa

Rappler’s CEO Maria Ressa shared my blog post on Twitter. And she’s AMUSED.

I had no words, but “WHOA.”

Thank you, Ma’am.

It’s also a WHOA moment when people outside my circle, i.e., a supplier, popped this question out of nowhere:


LOL. My blog post actually reached one of our office suppliers! LOL.

I started receiving private messages on Facebook

FB Message

And something like this, too

FB Message 2People are just funny



And some people just don’t know how to chill


Walang forever

Some have called me

MRT girl

I also made it to MSN


Whew. My blog post has gone so far. To date, it has been viewed in my blog over 30,000 times. I don’t know about GMA and Rappler, though.

It has been interpreted thousands of times, and I’m glad this woman understood what I was trying to say.


For the record, I admire the article, “Date a girl who reads” by Rosemarie Urquico. I’ve read it before and quite a lot of other “Date a girl who ___” articles. I know I don’t have to explain myself, but I believe that other than the style, the message that my article imparts made it “viral.”

That the MRT is a microcosm of the society, and we, Filipinos, are on survival mode every single day, just because our government is ______. You can finish that sentence.

Last night, I found out that the LRTA Spokesperson was able to read my article too. He reposted it on Twitter.

Atty Cabs

I tweeted him, saying, “please help improve the system.” Just do it. I don’t expect a reply, Sir.

That, my friends, has always been the point of my article.

I ride the MRT to work every day. It’s a battle that the hundreds of thousands or millions of passengers including me face every single day. We ride the MRT in the morning thinking “Today’s going to be a great day! Nothing can stop me!” And then, the train derails, the train fails, the train stops.

And still, we wake up the next day with the same thing in mind.

How long can we endure this?

Or better yet, why do we have to endure this?

We do not deserve this.

We are not only passengers. We are not only women. We are not only Filipinos.

We are taxpayers.

Clearly, the government owe us.

And fixing the goddamn MRT is just the start.

This is not the end of my story. I want to prove that with the power of words and the help of social media, anyone can do something. Anything can go viral.

Going viral is an opportunity, an opportunity to say something.

You can stand up for something.

You can go viral.

The question is, what would you say?



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