“Have you ever been so.. lost? Known the way and still so lost?”

Disclaimer: I’m okay. I just got these lines stuck in my head after my sister played Katy Perry songs earlier. We are going to Katy’s Prismatic World Tour here in PH this May, and we just have to review her songs and practice our reactions.

Anyway, I’ve been a bum today after spending hours babysitting my nephew Cyrus. My big sister lent me their hard drive with hundreds of movies and series to copy. After watching three movies today — one of which I wasn’t able to finish — I’ve decided to do some crazy stuff. Not crazy crazy, but just some brave woman thing.

I will put up a fund for a solo travel this year. Yup. Solo travel. This year, or the next. Any time in the future, as long as it’s solo. I just want to discover things by myself.. no, I actually want to discover if I can really do it by myself. I have lots of questions and insecurities in my life right now that I want to get rid off. And I think I could use some ‘me time.’

Where to? Top of mind, Batanes. Davao. General Santos City. somewhere that is far but not really. I want to still come home of course. I’m not running away from anything or anyone, I just want to chase myself. Tell me, is this a normal quarter-life thing?

And yes, I’m half way through the movie Eat Pray Love. Yep, just now.

Eat Pray Love
Eat Pray Love

Have you gone on a solo travel? How was it? Was it worth it?

PS. Btw, I’ve decided not to share my posts in this blog on Facebook to “promote” it. I realized I don’t want to force people to read what I write. I just want to write again, and just be read by chance. I’d rather receive comments like “Hey, I stumbled on your blog and I think this and that” than to wait for people to ‘like’ the link I posted, and feel bad when I receive less than 20 likes. I don’t want to be miserable, like Chloe, Emilia, or Liz.

I just want to write for the love of writing, and not for the sake of being read. Just for once.

Get a journal, right? Nope, I want it in here. Here in this living and breathing space called the Internet. My handwriting gets weirder every time. And I’m friends with the delete button.

PPS. Did you know that Eat Pray Love star Julia Roberts and I share the same birthday? Yup. And I’ve always loved the name ‘Julia.’



12 Replies to “Solo”

  1. Hey you, I stumbled upon your blog. Your post “Date A Girl Who Rides The MRT” seems to have gone viral. Naks. I loved that post btw.

    To answer your question about solo travel..
    Yes, solo travel is a great way to keep yourself sane when you’re in the middle of quarterlife crisis. I experienced traveling solo in South Korea in 2012, months before the peak of my quarterlife crisis. When the plane took off the in NAIA 3, I decided to leave all my worries, fears, and the burden of society’s expectations in Manila. I decided that I wouldn’t let them bother me or prevent me from having a great time in Korea.

    Go ahead and travel alone and you might just find yourself along the way. Oops that sounds so cliche. Sorry haha.

    I hope you’d keep on writing to write. And I would continue to read because reading your posts feels like reading my thoughts that someone else had written. 😉


  2. Hi Judy,

    I suggest you take that risk doing solo travel outside the Philippines. Where you can be by yourself not with the same culture or dialect. There you’ll find more peace and solitude since you’re going into a new environment.

    Its just my cent of view re solo travel… Im still looking for another solo adventure this year. haha


  3. “Hey I stumbled upon your blog…”

    Hi Judy! Solo travel is a great way to leave everything behind (for a while) and reconnect with your true self. I say this after going on a two-week solo trip to Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Nara earlier this year. I have to say, it was one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done.

    People always say that traveling will help you find yourself, but from my experience it was more of losing myself (going off the grid, forgetting my routine, taking a hiatus from work) that made me realize “life” as it is without all those titles and embellishments.

    I urge you to try it! Also, I love your writings! 🙂


    1. Hey, Stephanie! Thank you very much for your message. I would love to go to Japan (but my boyfriend wants to come with). Hehe.

      I will definitely try solo travel somewhere in Asia!

      Thank you so much! 😉


    2. Hi Stephanie,

      Good morning!

      Im just curious about your solo travel in Japan… How was it? I might go solo kasi this november and I’m a bit hesitant. Do you have any suggestions esp where to stay? or do you have any blog about it?

      Super thanks!:)



  4. I also want to travel solo. sana payagan ako tho. and baka kasi magworry lang ako how Cyrus is doing. haha 🙂
    Do it, over and over, as often as you can before it’s too late – that you’d have to consider others people before doing it, like me 🙂


  5. Have you gone on a solo travel? How was it? Was it worth it?

    Yes, here in Philippines and once outside the country.
    Before telling you a short story about it, let me first tell you that I love the way you write and maybe we’re the same in some points that I too wanted to write again.

    So you want to travel solo to chase yourself? Hmn. In my case, I’m not chasing for myself but for someone else. Yes literally 50% for someone and 50% for my career. hahaha. Well, I live here in Socksargen and I’m glad that it’s in your list of places to travel solo. So last year was my very first time to travel alone in Manila. For 25 years, really, it’s scary you know. I really don’t know how to take the public transportation alone. It’s not my first time in Manila, I’ve been there several times since in grade school but that was really my first time being alone. Well, lucky I survived strolling the streets of Ortigas looking for the building where I would take the examination. Imagine the stress I had hours before the exam.

    I’ve from the other comments suggesting you to travel solo outside the country. Well, it’s all worth it. It’s the perfect place to know more about yourself. Again, in my case it’s not chasing for myself but chasing again for someone else and chasing for my career. ahaha.

    I’ve been outside the country alone for a week and I’ve realized a lot about myself during those times. I’m not scared as I’m in Manila, Maybe the good transportation made me felt safe and secure.


    1. Hello, Stephanie!

      Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on solo travel! I would really love to travel alone before I get married. Haha! Will take note of your suggestions.

      PS. Go, keep writing! 🙂 Will check your blog too. Thanks a lot! 🙂


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