Orphan Black Withdrawal

I just finished the first two seasons of TV series Orphan Black. It’s a sci-fi TV series about clones, and my officemates and I got really hooked. Thanks to muy sestra, Kath.

Since there’s idle time from today until the start of its 3rd season next week, here I am, doing ~stuff to occupy my mind.

Earlier, I cleared my office laptop’s desktop files, deleted redundant files, and changed my wallpaper.

Now, I just created a new WordPress blog with my name as the domain. Did I actually think that somebody got this domain ahead of me?

This is what TV shows do to us. We relate. We absorb. We realize. We realize that science fiction — at this age and time — could be real.

Orphan Black
Want to watch Orphan Black too? You can livestream all the episodes at couchtuner.at

What if I have clones? I bet there’s one in China, a naughty one in Japan, and a domesticated one in Cambodia.

If I have clones, who am I? What sets me apart from all the others?

I’m the wild one. I’m the one who breaks the rules. I’m the one who ends friendships if necessary. I’m the one who says the worst words. I’m the one who is brave enough to say no. I’m the one who will not think twice of putting a gun in your head.

But I have one weakness — family.

I believe I’m Sarah Manning in Orphan Black.

Sans the cocaine, the child, and the thug life.

If I have clones, then I am the badass bitch.


But really, what to watch next? Please comment below.

PS. Let me know if you meet someone who looks like me. In one of your piso fare trips, maybe.

PPS. Tatiana Maslany, clap clap. Love you, teh!



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